The Loch Ness Warrior (Client Project)

A particularly enlightening and rewarding experience of working for Perth and Kinross council with a group of teenage boys with additional support needs making a game catered for and created by them.  With the help of their supervisors we used practice based and experiential approaches to get the most interaction and ideas from the boys as this made them more enthusiastic to participate.  As Character Artist of the game, I would get feedback from the boys on what characters they wanted, how they wanted them to look and how to improve them.  We used stereotypes of different countries to inject some humour into the game to keep the interest of the boys.

As an experience, we watched as the boys grew more confident in their ideas when they realised that we were using them and they began to value their ideas more.  It called for working as a team but also building individual relationships with the boys and encouraging them to share their ideas.  This reaffirmed my interest and aspirations to work as part of creative processes that include people and have a positive effect on them.

This concept actually got into the final 100 of the Young Innovators Challenge.

Below is a video about the process.


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