Curate the Campus Exhibition, ‘Feel Good Affect’

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Curate the Campus was an exhibition held by Abertay University which encouraged everyone within the university to create things around the campus.  I decided to repeat the same concept as the Spread a Smile for this exhibition but using participants from around the university.

IMG_20140926_130527484 IMG_20140926_130548615 IMG_20140926_130553267 IMG_20140926_130558466 IMG_20140926_130602731 IMG_20140926_130610199 IMG_20140926_130613981 IMG_20140926_130618931 IMG_20140926_130622736 IMG_20140926_130627458 IMG_20140926_130630734 IMG_20140926_130639813_HDR IMG_20140926_130700427_HDR

A video of the participants reactions played and their replies to questions about the project.


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